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GFM 2022

Global Finanical Marketing

Event Overview

What is it?

The Global Financial Marketing Innovation Lab aims to touch on the growing field of Financial Marketing. We hope to throw an ambitious and successful weekend-long (two-day) competition for individuals who are passionate about the intersection between marketing and finance.

Participants will be given numerous opportunities to develop or unleash their marketing skills through workshops, networking sessions, and a case competition.

Ultimately, we hope to ensure that our event is engaging and thought-provoking through every step, putting Marketyze on the list of Canada’s top youth organizations.


Catering to students in high school and those just entering their first year of university/college. This event is self-paced.

This event is particularly suitable for individuals who aspire to...

• Connect with like-minded individuals through networking sessions and case competitions
• Acquire new skills in marketing, finance, and case study competitions
• Gain insights into marketing careers through panel events
• Cultivate a deeper appreciation and interest in the fields of marketing and finance

What you could learn

At every Marketyze event, there is always something you can learn


These mentors are individuals who have achieved success in your field of interest, or have valuable life experience that can help you navigate challenges, set goals, and develop strategies for achieving your desired outcomes



Engaging in interactions with seasoned professionals and taking the initiative to actively seek out their counsel, viewpoints, and expertise offers you the chance to acquire invaluable knowledge about your own personal strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement



By participating in discussions with experienced speakers, you can benefit from their diverse viewpoints, expansive networks, and practical suggestions and advice on a wide array of topics, spanning from branding, sales, and leadership, to many other pertinent subject areas



Participating in workshops is an effective approach to develop a comprehensive grasp of the industry's terrain, involving the recognition and evaluation of up-and-coming trends, prominent individuals and institutions, and possible avenues for expansion and novelty

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