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Human Resources Coordinator (HRC)

Human Resources Department

• Develop strategies to influence Marketyze's organizational culture for increased productivity and work synergy • Host or plan team bonding events or activities for the Marketyze team • Construct and execute strong recruitment, onboarding, training, and corrective actions that are fair and equitable to acquire top talent • Manage volunteer administration such as volunteer agreements, employee records, etc.

Web Designer (WD)

Technology Department

• Create user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and mockups to continually revise and build onto Marketyze's website • Translate Marketyze's brand guidelines into design systems, style guides, and attractive yet effective user interfaces • Incorporate user feedback and usage metrics into design in order to enhance user experience • Collaborate closely with the Head of Technology to consistently refresh the design and functionality of our website • Engage in weekly meetings with the Technology team to share updates and stay informed with team members • Report all progress to the Head of Technology

Associate, Logistics (AL)

Operations Department

• Plan marketing-oriented competitions, conferences, workshops, panels, and more for Marketyze's target audience • Brainstorm innovative event proposals alongside the Logistics team to implement never-seen-before programming for Marketyze • Execute high-quality events with detailed organization while ensuring that all programming runs smoothly • Collaborate closely with the Outreach Associates to liaise with partners for events, after a rapport has been established • Engage in weekly meetings with the Logistics team to share updates and stay informed with team members • Report all progress to the Chief Operations Officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Finance Department

• Determine effective outreach strategies to acquire sponsorships, judges, guest speakers, and raise funds • Maintain relationships with corporate partners and industry professionals • Assist Outreach Directors with delegating tasks effectively and creating meeting agendas to effectively manage Outreach Associates • Manage Marketyze's funds and prepare year-end financial reports • Ensure the goals of the Finance department are met • Provide updates during Leadership and General Team meetings • Chair weekly meetings with the Outreach team to share updates, delegate tasks, brainstorm ideas, and engage in discussions

Associate, Outreach (AO)

Finance Department

• Research and identify companies and business professionals for potential partnerships and event participation • Assist in developing message templates and informational packages for outreach efforts • Meet weekly quotas for identifying and researching high-quality contacts • Support directors in the outreach process by providing well-researched and relevant contact information

Associate, Promotions (AP)

Marketing Department

• Demonstrates creativity and clarity in crafting engaging promotional ads • Establishes clear criteria for screening requests to share posts on Instagram • Prioritizes content alignment with Marketyze's values and goals • Identifies characteristics that make a post worth sharing with the audience • Proposes innovative strategies to revive an unsuccessful campaign • Demonstrates creativity and urgency in planning with a tight timeframe

Associate, Design (AD)

Marketing Department

• Design all graphics, packages, certificates, and design assets for Marketyze • Adhere to and successfully execute the Marketing team's promotional plans, content calendars, and newsletter goals while aligning with current trends • Ensure design projects are completed with high quality and on schedule • Collaborate closely with the Promotions Associates and the Public Relations Associates to provide designs in the form of social media posts and event materials such as slide decks and packages • Engage in weekly meetings with the Marketing team to share updates and stay informed with team members • Report all progress to the Design Director

Associate, Video Editor (AVE)

Marketing Department

• Create and edit high-quality videos for Marketyze's social media platforms, website, and events • Work closely with the Promotion and Public Relations teams to align video content with overall marketing objectives • Maintain consistency in style, tone, and branding across all video content • Incorporate graphics, animations, and other visual elements to enhance the quality and appeal of videos • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and editing techniques to ensure cutting-edge content • Ensure all video projects are completed on schedule and meet the high-quality standards of Marketyze • Participate in weekly meetings with the Design team and to share updates • Report all progress to the Design Director

Director, Programs (DP)

Operations Department

• Plan, implement, and evaluate Marketyze programs • Ensure programs are delivered according to an agreed-upon timeline • Look for opportunities to grow the program and improve Marketyze's image • Participate in bi-weekly meetings with the Programs department to share updates about the programs and lead important discussions • Gather feedback from participants and stakeholders to make informed adjustments and improvements to the program design and delivery • Report all updates and progress to the Chief Development Officer