Marketyze Ambassador Program

The Marketyze Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students in Grade 8 - 11 to work with a non-profit organization to produce promotional materials and network with industry professionals in the business world.


  • • Students in Grade 8 - 11
  • • Passionate about content creation and a strong interest in the business world
  • • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • • Willingness to participate in recorded video and/or audio content

Time Commmitment

February 13th, 2024 - June 30th, 2024

Ambassadors are expected to work an estimated 4 hours per week and will be assigned to specific projects based on their skills and interests.

Role Descriptions

As a part of the Marketyze Ambassador Program, ambassadors will take up different roles such as the Screenwriter, Talent and Video Editor; making up a Mini-group. Each group will be assigned specific projects which will be released on Marketyze’s Youtube page. Some examples of content themes include:

  • • Interviews with Senior-level executives and/or business professionals
  • • Tips/advice for Highschool students interested in Business
  • • Marketyze Event Recap

👤 Talent

  • • Interview Senior Executive members and business professionals
  • • Spokesperson in front of the camera

🖊 Screenwriter

  • • Create an outline script for the Talent
  • • Research the given topic and to organize the information in a digestible manner

💻 Video Editor

  • • Responsible for the post-production process of the video
  • • Make the video more engaging and interactive for viewers


As the Chief Development Officer, I work in collaboration with our Programs Directors to produce business opportunities for youth around the world. During my first year with Marketyze, I’ve overseen the execution of countless cutting-edge business competitions, internships, workshops, and unique programs like MAP!

Kaitlyn Hou

Kaitlyn Hou

Chief Development Officer (CDO)

Our team at Marketyze has been working diligently in the production of the new and improved MAP program. Through the development of professional design assignments for our ambassadors, new recruitment, and hours of meaningful planning, MAP 2024 will be unlike any other. We hope to see engagement from all over the world, and we are so excited to see MAP 2024 come into fruition!

MAP Applications are now closed.
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